In-Flight Entertainment & Cabin Management Systems


We offer a unique range of customizable solutions for In-flight Entertainment (IFE, In-Flight Entertainment) and Cabin Management Systems (CMS, Cabin Management Systems).

Our iCan System® modular electronic architecture, combined with our audio, display and telephony solutions, allows us to build your custom solution adapted to the aeronautical and avionics environment. All in-flight entertainment and cabin control functionalities can be accessed through a touch screen, smartphone or tablet: wireless audio conferencing, movies, music, messaging, in-flight lighting, temperature…

Our solutions also enable us to offer passengers all services related to BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).

The graphic design, functionalities and ergonomics are optimized with our customers in order to guarantee VIP passengers a unique user experience.

Our IFE and CMS products are particularly adapted to VIP helicopters, passenger transport helicopters, business and governmental aircrafts, either for new programs or for cabin refurbishments.

Full IFE & CMS on H175 VIP

This VIP helicopter operates as a complement to one of the biggest yacht in the world. Full iCan System® with wireless headsets, HD screens, touch displays, handset, cabin control (electronically dimmable windows and mood lighting…)

HD screen for passenger surveillance

13.3″ HD screen for passengers surveillance in the cabin, installed as a rectractable system (Airbus A320)

Full IFE & CMS on H225 Caracal VIP

Full iCan System® equipment for a fleet of six H225 Caracal VIP (EC725) governmental helicopters in EMEA : 7″ displays, wireless headsets and handsets, touch screens.

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