Design Services and Build-to-Spec

Design Services and Build-to-Spec Equipment

Build-to-Spec Equipment

The Build-To-Spec subcontracting mode means that from a client’s specifications, we not only carry out the design but also the mass production of your systems under our responsibility.

Oxytronic has, at its main site in Aubagne (France), high-level know-how and high-performance means to produce prototypes and launch mass production of your systems and equipment:

  • CMS pick & place machine,
  • Takaya test machine,
  • thermal test chamber,
  • machining center,
  • sand blast machine,
  • paint cabin,
  • laser engraving center,
  • NVIS light and color control and harmonization equipment.

Oxytronic therefore offers its customers a full range of services from concept design to mass production of embedded electronic equipment in Build-to-Spec and Build-to-Print.

Interface board

Design and manufacturing of various versions of an embedded audio/video interface board for Defense Aerospace programs. 200 pcs/year.

ELT Control Box

Design and manufacturing of an ELT (Emergency Locator Transmitter) control box for Airbus A350 and A380 families. 500-800 pcs/year.

Air Conditioning

Design and fabrication of an air conditioning control box for the Leonardo AW189 helicopter. 10 pcs/year.

Video Processing Board

Design and manufacturing of an HD video processing embedded board for Defense optronics equipment.

ACAS Control Box

Design and fabrication of an ACAS system (Anti Collision Avoidance System) control box for the Airbus H225 helicopter. 10 pcs/year.

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