Interfaces & Communications

Interfaces & Communications

Because your systems are more and more communicating and must be compliant with the most efficient communication protocols, our teams of engineers are at your disposal to implement, at hardware and software level, the most widespread interoperability solutions or specific to your needs:  WiFi, Bluetooth, ARINC, high speed serial links, PCIe, video connectivity like HD/SDI, HDMI…

Our iCan System® Architecture

Our iCan System® Architecture for customizable IFE and CMS system implements various wireless and wired communication protocols.

ARINC-429 IP-Core

This product is an IP-Core for DO-254 FPGA, implementing ARINC-429 avionics communication protocol. Frequency and numbers of I/O are configurable.

Radio & Video Interface Board

This board was developed following the client’s requirements. It is used for interfacing a radio communication board and a video board in a Defense embedded system.

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