Safety-Critical Electronics for Airborne Systems


With the ever increasing complexity of airborne electronic hardware design, meeting the DO-254 objectives is a real challenge.

Thanks to the integration of Barco Silex France activities in January 2017, Oxytronic now leads at the forefront of methodology expertise and provides design services and products for RTCA DO-254 / Eurocae ED-80 projects, from conception to certification support.

We can handle the development of complex and state-of-the-art electronic systems (ASIC, FPGA, and embedded board) from specifications to final acceptation review, and we provide support to customers for SOI.

Barco Silex France has been one of the first design houses in Europe to provide ASIC & FPGA development following the DO-254 guidelines, mainly for the highest levels of the recommendation (DAL-A & B):

  • More than 10 years of proven expertise in DO-254 projects
  • First-time-right and reliable design methodology and products successfully applied to dozens of projects for several programs
  • A team of experienced engineers and project managers
  • Powerful methodologies, standards and tools easing the design as well as the Validation & Verification

We have been selected by the market leaders for the development of DO-254 projects, ensuring them the highest level of quality and confidence for certification audits. We have developed electronics that successfully passed certification processes and are now embedded into equipment for : Airbus A320/A350/A380/A400M, Boeing 737 Max, Comac C919, Rafale, Falcon 5X, Embraer KC390, NH90, Cessna Citation…

Oxytronic is an active member of the DO-254 User Group, a group joining worldwide experts from aircraft manufacturers, system/component providers, tool vendors, training companies, and various subcontractors, all experts in the electronics for airborne systems.

More information: DO-254 User Group

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