Customizable DO-254 ARINC-429 IP-Core

The product is a multi-channel, flexible and customizable ARINC-429 transmitter and receiver IP core for serial communication in airborne applications. The IP is developed, validated and licensed by Oxytronic.

The IP has been developed according to the RTCA/DO-254 ED-80 guidelines. These guidelines are required by the Airworthiness Certification Authorities (EASA and FAA) for hardware developments that need to be certified for the use in commercial aircraft equipment.

The IP incorporates a simple basic synchronous CPU interface which can be easily connected to your required interface. Each individual channel can be configured according to your specifications. Each channel contains a specific buffer (FIFO), which is part of the IP. This allows efficient data transfer between the CPU and the IP.

Key benefits

  • Improved development flow several times already. Certified up to Level-A
  • Flexible architecture allowing from 1 Rx and 1 Tx to unlimited number of Rx and Tx
  • Rx-Tx channels easily configurable for other next use
  • Effortlessly customizable Synchronous CPU interface
  • Adaptable independent word buffers for each input or output channel
  • Independent Channel parameterizations through CPU interface
  • High speed and low speed mode configurability
  • Exchange FIFO errors information available
  • Silicon proven solution

Business Model

Oxytronic high quality offering is also reflected in our flexible business models.

  • Single or multi project license
  • Comprehensive integration support
  • Facilitated retargeting and upgrades
  • Maintenance

Service experience

The IP is derived from ARINC-429 modules that have been integrated in at least 3 different types of cockpit video displays, implemented in different FPGAs, for which some displays were granted for TSO and ETSO certification (DAL-A and DAL-B).

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